Hebden Bridge pupils tell the story of the infamous Cragg Vale Coiners

Pupils at Old Town Primary, near Hebden Bridge, have been learning about the infamous Cragg Coiners as part of their local history curriculum.

By Abigail Kellett
Saturday, 11th June 2022, 8:00 am

They set out to discover the context of these significant people and events and to ultimately ask themselves whether they felt that David Hartley was indeed a king (as he was nicknamed locally) or just a thief.

Their studies took them on a fact-finding excursion up the buttress to Heptonstall where David Hartley was transported and buried following his execution in York having been found guilty of the crime of clipping coins. They learnt about the effects of clipping coins on the economy and about the lengths the gang went to in an attempt to continue "making their money grow."

Wadsworth Class performed a musical production that tells the exciting and infamous tale written by their Headteacher, Jo Buckley.

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Pupils at Old Town Primary, near Hebden Bridge, have been learning about the infamous Cragg Coiners

With help from local group Bridge Across the Generations, they were able to take their musical on tour and perform in Heptonstall Church- a fitting venue as the resting place of King David himself.

The children's study was concluded with a Q&A session with Lord Mervyn King, ex Old Town pupil who has previously held the position of Governor of the Bank of England.

He answered the children's questions around modern-day fraud and the action he might have taken had he been in charge at that time.