Hundreds of Junior Soldiers pass-out at Harrogate’s Army Foundation College

Junior Soliders at Harrogate's Army Foundation CollegeJunior Soliders at Harrogate's Army Foundation College
Junior Soliders at Harrogate's Army Foundation College
More than 450 Junior Soldiers marched in front of their family and friends during their passing our parade at Harrogate’s Army Foundation College.

The teenagers were put through their paces during a passing-out parade on Thursday, February 19, before marching off to a new career with their chosen regiments.

The Army’s Adjutant-General, Lietuenant General Sir Gerald Berragan presented 22 Junior Soldiers with prestigious trophies with the rest of the soldiers gaining educational qualifications to set them off to a bright future.

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The College’s Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Oz Lane, said that the college was more than just giving the soldiers more than just ‘basic military training.

He said: “Many of the teenagers have struggled with mainstream education and have left high school with few, if any, qualifications.

“At the Army Foundation College they have an opportunity to get those qualifications and get enthused about learning.”

On graduation, 100 per cent of the Junior Soldiers had achieved Level One English, while 86 per cent had gained a level two qualification which is the equivalent of a GCSE A*-C.

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The college also had a ‘tremendous success rate’ with Maths, with 62 per cent of the teenagers arriving with Level One or below but, on gradation, 95 per cent had achieved a Level One and 68 per cent had Level Two.

Lieutenant Colonel Lane described this as a ‘simply immense’ achievement.

Addressing the Junior Soldiers. the Adjutant-General, Lieutenant General Sir Gerald Berragan, said: “Remember, as you leave here today, this is not the end of your training, nor even the beginning of the end. It’s just the end of the beginning”

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