Local talent shines bright..

Dance students dusted off their dancing shoes to impress special guest professional dancer and choreographer James Robinson at their annual show.

Abigail Warburton Stage School, hosted dance show like normal but this time had professional dancer James Robinson judging the show.

Mr Robinson has choreographed for a number of celebrities including One Direction, Take That and The Spice Girls and presented awards to the dancers on the night.

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Founder, Abigail Warburton spoke about how valuable it was to have him at the show “He’s coming back for a master class in June to teach commercial and street dancing to the students.”

“They are really looking forward to him coming, he came last year and the dancers love him. It is really a great opportunity for the dancers to gain experience and expertise. The show itself was really successful, everyone really enjoyed the night. I couldn’t be more proud of my students and how hard they have worked”.

Miss Warburton works as a dance teacher full time, providing lessons during the week as well as at the weekend.

“I love what I do, I’ve danced since I was three and have always wanted to have my own dance school.”

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Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the show, was sold out for both performances.

“We used music from the past 10 years to celebrate how long the school has been performing. The ballet side of the show was themed around Wizard of Oz, and the rest of the dances were dancing to old and current music.”

The show, ‘A Blast from the past’, included Ballet, Tap, Modern, Cheerleading and Acrobatics dancing and had 110 dancers involved all ranging from age two and a half to 18,

Student Isabel O’Keeffee, won the ‘Dancer of the night award’ chosen by Mr Robinson, as well as him presenting their annual awards.

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“I set up the dance school ten years ago and I can’t believe how much it’s grown. When I started I only had about 30 students and some of them still dance for us now.”

The master class being held by Mr Robinson will take place at Calderdale College, Francis Street, Halifax, on the June 27 and is open to the public.