New bid for 1,000 place Halifax college

The Trinity Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) has announced that it is submitting a new bid to open a 1,000 place sixth form college in September 2018.

Known as Halifax Sixth Form College, the new building will be in a town centre location and offer a large range of both traditional A-levels and BTEC qualifications.

Rob Marsh, Vice Principal and bid lead said: “There is still a desperate need for a dedicated sixth form college in Halifax.

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“A recent report has reflected that one in six young people are still being forced to travelling out of area for their education.

“As an authority, Calderdale performs poorly for outcomes at post-16.

“We are determined to change this, and most importantly, ensure that young people locally can compete for the best university places and jobs.”

In 2015 Trinity led a bid to open an academic sixth form centre, Calderdale 6th. The new bid addresses the feedback from officials given at the time, and there are some significant differences in the new bid.

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“Over 2,600 parents and students signed in support of a dedicated post-16 college and we received many letters of support. This demand and need has not gone away and Halifax 6th Form College will address this,” added Mr Marsh.

Some of the ways that the bid has responded to Government feedback includes expanding the curriculum offer and increasing the range of partners involved in the development of the bid and delivery of services.

The first part of the bid will be submitted in late September, and if approved, will enter the next stage which sees more detail being developed around aspects such as proposed sites.

More information can be found at The bid group is also hosting an information event on September 16 from 4.30pm at Trinity Academy, Shay Lane,