School life: Todmorden High pupils explored a variety of topics on Space Day

On Wednesday 29 March, KS3 students enjoyed this term's '˜Space Day' where they explored a variety of themes and topics.

Tuesday, 11th April 2017, 12:30 pm
Topics ranged from climate change to online responsibility
Topics ranged from climate change to online responsibility

We had input from the Police Service on the important issue of knife crime and how it can impact on young people.

Students agreed that this was a really important and informative element of the day.

Other sessions focused on climate change, online responsibility and team building, with many students having a great time playing trust building games, often involving the use of blindfolds!

The final element of the day was a session built around separating truth from fact in the online world, and how the media can distort messages about ‘beauty’ or what our relationships should be like. Students were highly receptive and really engaged with their learning in all their sessions and we are delighted that, once again, our students demonstrated what a positive learning community Todmorden High School is.