A life saving investment that can make a difference

A life saving piece of equipment that will transform the Rastrick community for years to come is live and operational.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 27th September 2014, 1:30 pm

A Cardiac Science defibrillator has been installed thanks to the idea of the Rastrick community and funding from Rastrick Big Local.

The machine has been installed in Carr Green Lane and could prove the difference between saving a person’s life if they are having a heart attack.

Jeremy Meadowcroft, from Rastrick Juniors football club, made the application to RBL after the idea came from the vice chairman.

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“Harry Evans was born with two holes in his heart and had surgery at Leeds General Infirmary and his dad was very keen, as was I, to get this piece of equipment installed,” he said.

“We’ve had tremendous backing from the British Heart Foundation, Arrhythmia Alliance and the Huw Thatcher Trust.”

The club’s development officer also got the chance to meet former footballers Paul Merson and Fabrice Muamba, who suffered a heart attack on the pitch and was clinically dead for 78 minutes but made a miraculously recovery.

“It was a purely chance meeting and it was amazing to meet the two of them and to give their support for what we are doing.”

The defibulator has been incorporated into the wall of resident Colin Peel’s house.

Dave Jones, from the NHS EmergencyCommunity Responser Team, said that anyone calling 999 for someone suffering a heart attack and is in the area, will be directed to the box and be able to use the defibulator.

“This is not just for the football club but for the community as a whole,” said Jeremy.

“There are dog walkers and people who pass by here on a regular basis.

“There should be no fear in using the piece equipment as it talks to you and takes you through what you need to do step by step. Hopefully it will never have to be used but statistics have shown that it will be and for the money that has been spent it can save somebody’s life.”