Century’s up for generous Harrogate blood donor

Sue MonkmanSue Monkman
Sue Monkman
A Harrogate woman has described giving her 100th pint of blood as her ‘Olympic gold medal’.

Susan Monkton made the milestone donation at The Cairn Hotel on Thursday, July 30, 50 years after she first gave blood.

Since making her first donation in Dewsbury, one day after her 18th birthday, Susan has been determined to carry on and give as much as she can.

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Despite making a century of donations, Susan said that she has no plans to give up and has urged others to do the same.

She said: “I always wanted to be a blood donor and I went to give my first pint of blood on March 10, 1965 and I have done it ever since.

“In that time I’ve moved to Harrogate and had two children so really it’s taken me 50 years to get there. It’s just something that I always wanted to do so this is my Olympic gold medal.

“I have always done it and encouraged an awful lot of other people to do it. I have already made my next appointment and I’m hoping to go on as long as I possibly can.”

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Susan has not been alone in her quest to reach 100 donations as she has had the same nurse taking her blood since she first moved to Harrogate in 1979.

From the Royal Baths to Wesley Chapel and the Masonic Hall, Susan’s Nurse Marge has been on hand to help her through and was there once again for the landmark.

Susan said: “We have been doing this together since my first time in Harrogate in 1979. It was October 10, Marge was there then and she has come ever since and was there this time as well.

“I brought her some flowers to say thank you and she was really delighted. I took her some when I did my 75th and she had written it in her diary that it was my 100th today. She said she couldn’t have let me down today.

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“It’s so important giving blood when you think about how many lives it saves. It’s a very important thing to do, without they can’t do these wonderful life saving operation.

“It’s only because people give their blood they can make it happen.

“If you can do it then you should do it because you never know when you might need it.”

The next blood drive in Harrogate will be on Thursday, November 19. Call 0300 123 23 23 to make an appointment.