Former English rugby league player launches Harrogate fitness store

Jon and Lyndsay Wells outside FIT Harrogate (s)Jon and Lyndsay Wells outside FIT Harrogate (s)
Jon and Lyndsay Wells outside FIT Harrogate (s)
A former English rugby league player has opened up an exciting new fitness store in Harrogate.

Jon Wells, a former Castleford Tigers and current Sky pundit, and his wife Lyndsay have recently opened FIT Harrogate - a store specialising in men’s fitness and gymwear.

Lyndsay and her husband Jon have lived in Harrogate for four years and explained they decided to open the store after noticing a ‘shortage’ of these shops in town.

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Lyndsay said: “There’s a real shortage of fitness and gymwear shops in Harrogate for men so we are really excited to bring it to Harrogate.

“We are now hoping to let people know we’re here and what exclusive brands we are selling but we don’t want to just be a shop.

“We want to be part of the community, letting people know what fitness classes are on and we also have plans to open up downstairs as a pilates and holistic studio.

“Our aim is to educate people in fitness and help them in that sense. We don’t want to just sell clothes, we want to be part of a real community.”

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As well as selling exclusive fitness brands, normally only sold in America, the couple have plans to help people directly to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

Jon and Lyndsay both have a passion for sports and fitness, despite Jon being forced to retire early from rugby due to injury.

As a result, the store will also offer fitness classes as well as helping to promote the Sport England campaign This Girl Can.

Lyndsay said: “Unfortunately we have found that women are quite intimidated to going into a gym so this girl can is all about empowering people.

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“We want people to know that it doesn’t matter how much you sweat, go to a gym, go play a team sport and get active again.

“We are excited for promoting this and we think everybody should be include in it. This goes hand in hand with having the right stuff to wear, that fits properly.

“If you look good and you feel good then you can become that best version of yourself. If you look fit, then you can feel fit and then you can be fit.”

Lyndsay explained that the independent store has been completely organised by the couple, from its design to the brands they buy and sell.

She said: “Everybody in Harrogate has been really supportive and the feedback has been great.”