Halifax Ladies rugby team help save the lives of 24 people

Halifax Ladies RUFC
Halifax Ladies RUFC

A group of eight teammates from Halifax Ladies RUFC have helped save and improve the lives of up to 24 people.

The team donated blood together at Bradford Donor Centre to help support stocks in Yorkshire over summer.

The event was arranged by the Team Manager, Vicki Faint, aged 40, from Brighouse, Calderdale, who works as an ICU Nurse at Leeds Hospital. Vicki has worked as a nurse for the past 19 years and has seen a number of emergencies that have required blood transfusions to help people alive.

Vicki said: “As a team we are very community orientated. This was another opportunity to give something back. Many people in the team give blood regularly but we wanted to give blood together to highlight unity and team spirit. I am so proud of everyone for donating blood and it is amazing to know that we may have helped up to 24 people!”

Nearly 400 new donors are needed every day to meet the need of patients in England, and each donation can save up to three peoples live.

Alex Mackie, aged 28, from Halifax, Calderdale, who is a Forward player for the team said: “My Stepfather needed a blood transfusion after he suffered an internal haemorrhage. If it wasn’t for the generosity of blood donors, I don’t know what would have happened. I will be for ever grateful to people who give up their time to help others.

“All of my team have seen first-hand how important blood donation is and we all feel that if an hour of our time can help save people’s lives, then that is the least we can do.”

“Giving blood is quick and easy and going with all my teammates made the experience even more enjoyable. If you can I urge you to give blood, and if you’re nervous take your mates along too!”

Regular donations are vital because stocks are more vulnerable over the summer. People get distracted by holidays, sporting events and the warmer weather, and stocks can fall.

Currently, over the four weeks from today, only around 50% of our appointments at Bradford Donor Centre are full, around 70% of our appointments at Leeds Donor Centre, and only 70% of our appointments at Sheffield Donor Centre.

Ruth Turner, Bradford Donor Centre Manager said: “We are very grateful to Halifax Ladies RUFC for their donations and encouraging the whole team to come along.

“Blood donation saves lives and to supply hospitals we need people to donate through the year.

“It’s easy to register to become a donor, we need nearly 400 new, first time donors every day to meet patients’ needs, to replace those people who can no longer donate for reasons such as ill health, age and pregnancy.

“Our donor centres are the perfect place to make your first donation, they are bright and modern with wifi, charging points, and you can often find appointments in the evenings and weekends.”