Helping Hand: From keen volunteer to key employee, Laura Golding's Overgate story

The Elland hospice has been a big part of Laura Golding’s life for over twenty years.

As well as working behind the scenes as the director of income generation, she knows first hand just how special a place it is.

Laura Golding, director of income generation for Overgate Hospice.

Laura Golding, director of income generation for Overgate Hospice.

When she was twelve, a family member was cared for by the hospice and soon after her mum began working there as a nursing auxiliary.

Laura says that “people often believe that the Hospice is about death and dying but it is actually about life and living. Making the most of every precious minute.”

Even from a young age she stayed true to that mantra and started helping out at fundraising events and became an official volunteer whilst she was studying at Huddersfield University. A role in the fundraising team became available shortly after her graduation and she hasn’t looked back since.

After working in the fundraising team for a number of years, she became the fundraising & retail manager in 2011, and now serves as the director of income generation, making sure that enough money is raised to keep their wonderful services going.

One of Laura’s fondest memories of Overgate was when the first ever Midnight Walk fundraiser got a little more lively than anticipated.

“The police arrived after a complaint about the noise – they thought an illegal party was happening. Watching the event go from that to the incredible show of support it is today has been incredible – we now see over 900 people each year set off to support Overgate.”

Lat year’s Midnight Walk raised a staggering £20,000 for the charity.

Back in 2015 Laura also facilitated the filming of some scenes of the BBC hit drama Happy Valley at the hospice.

“Seeing the joy on the patients’ faces as the stars spent time with them was really lovely and then watching the episode with the whole team in our Day Hospice was amazing.”

In 2008 Laura supported a group of 27 people who took on the challenge of trekking the Himalayas for the hospice.

“Waving them off at the airport was amazing but then welcoming them back to the Hospice on their return, having raised over £50,000, was such a incredible experience.”

2019 was another fantastic year for the charity, with three new charity shops and several successful fundraisers, including the return of the Colour Run and the brand new Santa Dash.

“Seeing over 1,300 runners set off on our Colour Run is always an incredible sight and this year was no different. To see so many people paint a rainbow of colour above Savile Park is just incredible. An amazing £57,000 was raised from this year’s event which just makes it even more special.

“Launching our brand new event the Santa Dash and seeing the families that turned out in the cold, dressed as Santa to support Overgate was wonderful.”

Despite being a well known charity in Calderdale, the hospice relies heavily on donations from the community.

“People believe we have lots of money and that the Hospice will always be here. This simply isn’t true.

“Each year the Hospice relies on our incredible community to raise the money we need to keep caring. If this didn’t happen, the services we provide would no longer be available to the people of Calderdale. This is our Hospice and without us all supporting it, it won’t be here for families in the future.”

Laura says that working at Overgate has shown her just how important it is to spend time with our friends and family.

“It has made me realise that life can change in a moment and we have to cherish every minute we have with our loved ones.”

Could you help Overgate?

Volunteers play a vital role in the daily running of Overgate Hospice.

From receptionists, to drivers to sales assistants, their contributions help to provide an extra level of care for patients , carers and their families.

For more details on which volunteering opportunities are available, visit the Overgate website to download a registration pack, or email or call 01422 379151.

If you would like to donate to Overgate, visit their website or email or call 01422 387121.