How a North Yorkshire service targets treating drug and alcohol abuse

A new Adult Drug and Alcohol Service has recently begun delivering specialised treatment and recovery support for Harrogate residents.
North Yorkshire HorizonsNorth Yorkshire Horizons
North Yorkshire Horizons

North Yorkshire Horizons, commissioned by the County Council, has been set up to help addicts suffering from drug and alcohol misuse commit to recovery.

The treatment and recovery services on offer at Horizons is open to anyone who believes they are suffering from addiction.

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A recent school survey, Growing Up in North Yorkshire, showed there is a steady decline in drug and alcohol use among young people.

The survey also indicated one of the key groups in the North Yorkshire area for addiction are middle aged people with problems from alcohol misuse, without fitting the stereotype of the drunk.

A spokesman from North Yorkshire Horizons said: “North Yorkshire Horizons is here to help everyone, no matter what their background.

“We aim to make the service as accessible as possible so that people can engage with the available support in ways that best meet their individual needs and circumstances.

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“Every day, courageous men and women take the first step toward reclaiming their lives from drug and alcohol misuse.

“By committing to recovery, those who are seeking treatment are taking their first step on the road to healthy, rewarding lives, and North Yorkshire Horizons has been set up to help addicts, with support from their families, friends and the local community, in reaching this goal.

“Our aims are to help as many people recover from drug and alcohol dependency in North Yorkshire, and to reduce the social and health harms caused by drug and alcohol use to individuals, their families and the wider community.”

NYCC Director of Public Health Dr Lincoln Sargeant said: “The service is very much focused on helping and supporting people to recover from substance misuse and dependence across the county.”

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Coun Don Mackenzie echoed this, adding: “We believe that people who misuse drugs and alcohol need the very best evidence based help available,and we are confident that North Yorkshire Horizons is providing that.”

The service is available to support anyone over 18 in Harrogate who misuses drugs and anyone who is a harmful or dependent drinker.

North Yorkshire Horizons Harrogate Hub is holding an Open Day on Tuesday, January 27 between 10am to 1pm at 7 North Park Road.

For more information call 01723 330730.