Inquiry into why home care was stopped

Janis Milner
Janis Milner

COUNCIL chiefs have ordered an external investigation after a disabled woman was left without care and lying in her own urine and faeces.

Janis Milner, 33, of Stainland, suffers from spinal problems and is often bedbound.

Her care was suddenly withdrawn for several days after what appears to be a breakdown in communication.

Miss Milner, who is incontinent, was left without dignity and had to use her washing-up bowl after her commode was left overflowing.

Her care has now been recommenced by the council’s in-house home care team while her allegations are investigated.

Cabinet member for adults, health and social care, Coun Bob Metcalfe, said he was shocked to read of the case in the Courier.

He has met with his director Bev Maybury and she is prepared to personally visit Miss Milner.

“We have had a full discussion regarding this distressing experience Miss Milner has suffered,” said Coun Metcalfe (Lab, Town).

“I have asked a number of questions we want answers too.

“There will be an external investigation into allegations made by Miss Milner.

“We will get a report back and look at all aspects and act on its findings.”

He said the external investigation would involve officers within the department being questioned.

“The director and I need to know what went wrong here but we need to find out the proper facts,” said Coun Metcalfe.

Miss Milner did have carers calling three times daily.

She was told care was stopped because she hadn’t responded to phone calls but claims no messages where left on her mobile and her home phone hasn’t worked in recent weeks.

And, she said it was wrong to cut off support without making alternative arrangements.

“I would like to thank the Courier so much for bringing light to my plight, as I really was at a stand still,” said Miss Milner.

“I can not thank you enough. I can now breathe a sigh of relief and maybe Social Services may take more concern and vigilance over the care companies they employ.

“I received in the most parts some very nice messages from your readers and would like to thank them too.

“This does need investigating and fingers crossed lessons will be learned.”