New Brighouse hearing care firm to host free drop-in clinic

Anyone concerned about their hearing can take part in a free hearing help session in January, thanks to Lucas Payton Hearingcare.

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Wednesday, 12th January 2022, 10:33 am
Have you been putting off getting your hearing tested? Now is your chance

The new Brighouse business, which launched in the summer of 2021, will be hosting a drop-in clinic at Bailiff Bridge Community Centre on Friday, January 21.

Those in need of advice about their hearing can visit the centre between 9.30am and 2pm to chat to Lucas Payton about their needs for some free one-on-one advice.

“This open morning is ideal for anyone who has been putting off a visit to the hearing specialist or who just wants a chat about their hearing,” explains Lucas, who has lived in the town for more than 20 years.

“We can carry out a screening test if needed and we will have all the equipment with us, so we can check inside people’s ears and offer advice.

“We are trying to give as much back to the Brighouse and Calderdale community as we can, which is why we are holding this event to serve the local area while raising awareness of what we can do.

“We are hoping to make people aware that they may have an issue or a problem with their hearing and to help them consider their options.

“It may be that their ears are blocked with wax, which we can treat, or mild hearing loss that simply needs monitoring regularly. Or they may need hearing aids and we can help them understand the choices available to them, from the NHS to private.”

He was inspired to set up his own firm after two decades working in the industry and now Lucas Payton Hearingcare offers hearing assistance at home, from ear wax removal to help with hearing aids.

“With the pandemic, people don’t want to leave their homes to go to hospital for assessment, so we are happy to bring those to you,” adds Lucas. “Everything we do is backed up by 20 years’ experience in the industry.”

Also in January, the firm will be offering a discount on Phonak hearing aids which can be tailored for every type of hearing loss. The latest Phonak hearing aids also connect to smartphones, TVs and more — providing audio streaming from countless devices, and they make hands-free calls possible.

“People can be reluctant to get hearing aids but if I can give them the advice that they need then that can only help them. The technology has become so advanced, my customers are often surprised by what is available,” he says.

“Sometimes people just need a little bit of advice to point them in the right direction.”

To find out more about Lucas Payton Hearingcare, head to and arrange a home visit today.