Brighouse: Reader's letter - Brighouse Centre Enhancement

Proposed Thornton Square redevelopment

By Sally Todd, Editorial Assistant
Thursday, 27th January 2022, 3:33 pm
Sketch showing town centre schemes
Sketch showing town centre schemes

Ian, Hamer, Brighouse writes: .

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I suppose it had to happen. Temporary traffic signals appeared on the road to Rastrick from the town centre, causing a tailback from the excavation site, over the river bridge in one direction and back over the canal bridge including the Millroyd Street junction. They would have got away with it, except that public buses require part of the other carriageway, when turning onto the river bridge. The queuing traffic prevented this. A gap was not always left by frustrated traffic.

The scheme proposing a new canal bridge shown on the attached sketch, has been suggested many times by Echo readers and was planned several decades ago. I remember the red crosses painted on the trees needing to be felled and the searches for high voltage cables running on the canal towpath.

This old scheme would have improved traffic flow, especially when the M62 has problems. A resulting enlarged pedestrian areas would enhance town centre events and remove the awkward zebra crossing near the Black Bull. The old canal bridge would be pedestrianized, making the area safer. The proposed Thornton Square redevelopment is a disaster waiting to happen, missing the opportunity to enhance the Black Bull, Millers, ROKT area. The older scheme would enhance the town centre, removing a high volume of traffic. Any chance of a rethink?