COLUMN: I’m not going potty, miracles can happen!

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Miracles can happen; I know they can, because I have toilet trained a boy.

After more than a year of trying, our little man is finally done with nappies and pull-ups.

We were warned it wouldn’t be easy, but there was a time I thought he was still going to be in nappies when he left home.

Bribery, made-up songs, sticker charts and fancy potties all failed to tempt him to take the plunge - not even Pirate Pete’s swashbuckling potty-training adventures could persuade him to part with his Pampers.

Strangely, potty training was new to me, even though Isaac has an older sister. Jessica was out of nappies before she was two.

She literally just decided that she didn’t want to wear them anymore, and happily used the potty or toilet from that moment on.

I felt really smug when Isaac started to take an interest in the potty before his second birthday, but it was short-lived.

He suddenly seemed to fathom that the alternative to nappies was too much like hard work, and went on strike.Realising it asn’t meant to be, we decided not to force him, but as he approached his third birthday in June, the pressure was on (or at least it felt that way).

Isaac is a big lad for three. He is really tall for his age and a bit of a chunky monkey, so we often got funny looks taking him into the baby change – especially those awful communal ones.

I rarely care what other people think, and I am a firm believer that all children develop at different speeds, so I was cross that I had allowed nosey strangers to make me feel like a bad mum.

Eventually, we had a breakthrough in the wee department, and Isaac started telling us when he needed to go, but the clever little monkey would be so proud of himself for making it to the loo, that he would forget the little detail of tucking his tail in, and leave himself and mummy or daddy, looking like we had been soaked by an out-of- control garden hose.

Number two was to prove a little more problematic. His four-a- day habit, meant going cold turkey was not for the feint hearted.

From what I gather, it’s quite common for children to be scared of going anywhere but in their nappy when they are toilet training, and Isaac was no exception.

He would try really hard to hold it in, and the result would be an explosion that couldn’t be helped.

Needless to say, things took another step backwards, and Isaac once again decided it was preferable to piddle in his Paw Patrol pants.

Rightly or wrongly, we opted for pull-ups for a while, and figured he would be ready in his own time.

Sure enough, while we were on holiday in Wales over the summer, he picked his moment, and just like his big sister, he suddenly decided nappies and pull-ups weren’t for him.

It was a proper proud mummy moment - although one that was tinged with a bit of sadness when I realised it really is the end of the baby era in our house (sob).