Community Spirit Awards: Recognising those who make a difference

Night of glamour: Bertie's in Elland was packed for the 2012 awards night
Night of glamour: Bertie's in Elland was packed for the 2012 awards night

The annual Courier Community Spirit Awards 2013, which gives thanks and recognition to Calderdale individuals, charities, voluntary organisations, and businesses has come around again.

The evening is a celebration of Calderdale’s remarkable individuals and organisations who take selfless, sincere and spirited steps to make a big difference in the lives and communities across our region.

The awards ceremony categories are open to everyone from local unsung heroes to high profile organisations that have made a postive impact on daily life in Calderdale.

The evening offers some glitz and glam to the people and bodies who, day-to-day, roll up their sleeves and graft at the grass roots of social cohesion.

Email your nominations to stating which category you are nominating to and why you think your choice should win

Best New Charity Award

Awarded to an organisation that has made demonstrable impact since its creation, achieved both awareness of itself and its cause, and set the foundations of excellent management and accountability in place.

Public Servant Award

This award recognises the work of an individual in the fields of Nursing and Care, the Fire Service, the Police Force and PCSO, or any other public servant who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help an individual or the community.

The ‘Little Gem Award’ - Young Community Champion Award

The noiminee will be under 21 and will have engaged, inspired and motivated young people and others in support of a charitable organisation or social cause. They may have made imaginative use of IT or other forms of communication in their work. We are scouring for someone who is a role model with clear values and who is making a sustained impact within their remit.

Good Neighbour Award

Everybody needs good neighbours. And, we’re seeking an integral individual who has been a great asset in their local community. This category is open to an array of individuals from a valuable neighbour, a pillar in the community or any fundamental figure in the future progress of your neighbourhood.

Outstanding Individual Achievement Award

Awarded to a person who has demonstrated dedication, professionalism and integrity throughout their career and to those individuals who have produced an identifiably profound effect in the voluntary sector throughout their role.

Community School Award

This award will be accredited to a school or college that is achieving optimum levels between staff and students and their wider community. Or to a school or college that has gone that extra mile to help a charitable or social organisation or cause. Judges will be looking for an educational establishment, however large or small, that can demonstrate that considering and helping others is high on its educational agenda.

Investment in the Community Award

The winner of this category will be an ‘all-round’ player with multiplier attributes on resources and impact on a charitable or social organisation or cause.

As a donor, volunteer or mentor; their giving of time and/or capital will have had a demonstrable impact on the effectiveness of a charitable issue or cause.

Or the successful entrant may be a person or a couple who has developed innovative ways of fund raising or income generation that has been integral in the progressive movement of a charitable cause or organisation.

Community Champion Award

The nominee is considered by communities as a pillar of their parametres. The individual will have helped local people work in unison to strengthen their community by creating opportunities or tackling important local issues.

Charity of the Year Award

Awarded by the judges to the organisation they believe has consistently delivered outstanding service to its beneficiaries, promoted and raised its profile, been clear in its goals and strategies, and demonstrated excellence all round.

New category: Foster Carer of the Year Award

This is a new category in the 2013 Community Spirit Awards. Nominations are open to foster carers across Calderdale who strive to have a positive input upon the lives of children and young people in care through opening their doors to some of societies’ most vulnerable.

Email your nominations to stating which category you are nominating to and why you think your choice should win