Couple celebrate diamond wedding

Diamond wedding couple Donald and Doreen Meggat, St Peters Ave, Sowerby.
Diamond wedding couple Donald and Doreen Meggat, St Peters Ave, Sowerby.

A couple from Halifax celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary say they’ve had a ‘very happy’ marriage.

Donald and Doreen Meggat were married at the Norland Baptist Church in 1953 and celebrated their 60th anniversary yesterday.

Donald, 81, from Luddenden Foot and Doreen, 85, from Norland, have two children and three great-grandchildren.

Donald did his national service in the Royal Air Force before spending most of his career working in the textile industry.

After working at Atkinson’s in Sowerby Bridge, Donald worked at Edelston’s before moving on to Denroyd Plastics.

Doreen was a first assistant in the furnishing department at the Sowerby Bridge Industrial Society, where the couple first met.

The couple have lived in Sowerby Bridge for 28 years after living in Rooley Heights for 23 years.

They were given a special diamond cake and a surprise party by their family to help mark the occasion.

Doreen said: “It was more like a friendship between us at the beginning.

“But then we started going to the pictures together and it blossomed from there.

“We had our honeymoon in Morecambe - there were no fancy trips abroad in those days!

“We’ve had differences of opinion but we’ve never rowed.

“These things aren’t straightforward immediately and it takes time.

“We’ve had our ups and downs like everyone else but we’ve been very happy and we feel very lucky.

“It’s been a really happy marriage.”