Ten most popular Valentine's Day recipes revealed by BBC Good Food

Forget champagne and oysters – we are more likely to tuck into a steak or spaghetti carbonara for Valentine’s Day.

By Abigail Kellett
Tuesday, 12th February 2019, 3:57 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th February 2019, 4:38 pm
BBC Good Food reveals the 10 most popular Valentine's Day recipes
BBC Good Food reveals the 10 most popular Valentine's Day recipes

BBC Good Food looked at their top searched recipes and have learned what we really like to eat and drink for a romantic night in. BBC Good Food has revealed the ten most popular Valentine's day dishes and drinks from its website, and the results may be surprising.

Every Valentines Day, steak is the overwhelming firm favourite and peppercorn sauces takes the top spot for accompaniments, followed by bistro classic, shallot and red wine sauce.
This French classic makes the humble potato a bit more fancy. A great side dish option for your Valentine's Day meal with its crispy top and soft, creamy interior.
Another rich and creamy dish that Good Food users couldnt get enough of on Valentines Day is carbonara. Perfect for people who want something speedy as it only takes about half an hour to cook from start to finish.
Cupcakes are not only delicious but they can make for a great alternative to chocolate if you're looking to give your loved one an edible gift.
Cocktails are also on the menu according to BBC Good Food users. Favourites include a passionfruit martini and an espresso martini.
This luxurious beef parcel is often reserved for special occasions and Valentines Day is no exception. The meal usually feeds a lot of people which could mean a Valentine's party or a lot of tasty leftovers.
Veggie and vegan recipes have become increasingly popular on the site over the past couple of years and there are a number of options which can be used on a Valentine's Day menu.
Strawberries might not be in season in February but that doesnt stop the craving for a delicious cheesecake using the fruit. It's also a great option for those wanting a make-ahead pudding.
Searches for sea bass dishes have been growing year on year for those wanting a bit of a lighter meal. Some ways to have it are Italian-style, en papillote, steamed with Asian flavours or baked with a lemon caper dressing.
After cupcakes, biscuits are the favourite Valentines Day bake. There are so many different decorations to choose from and there's the opportunity for the personal touch.