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Help is at hand by contacting your local voluntary sector organisation
Help is at hand by contacting your local voluntary sector organisation

The Voluntary and Community Sector in Calderdale is full of community spirited people who are passionate about helping in any way they can to improve local lives! It’s an exciting, colourful and vibrant sector; the backbone of much of our communities.

Our sector is described in a number of ways – voluntary and community sector, third sector, charity sector to name a few. We may not sound too exciting but we really are!

My whole working life I have worked in this sector. I love the people involved and I love the dedication and diversity that goes into it – the voluntary sector isn’t just about drinking tea and talking, you know! From time to time, it can be underestimated but the local impact speaks for itself, however, sometimes not loudly enough!

That is where this new column comes in.

Whether you have heard of the organisations featured or not, I want this to be the place where you find out about that support group five minutes down the road from you or find a service that you or a loved one would enjoy or benefit from.

We want to showcase all that the local voluntary sector has to offer and hopefully encourage people to find out more about what’s available in Calderdale!

Believe me; I know all too well that January is the month when the after effects of an overindulgent December can definitely be felt in more ways than one! Whether it’s your finances or even weight gain, we all need a little help sometimes and the voluntary sector offers a range of support you might need.

Citizens Advice Calderdale

We can all overspend during the Christmas period but sometimes the debts can get too much and feel like they are just never ending. Citizens Advice Calderdale has a specialist team who are able to help with your debt issues. They can work with you to understand the issues and provide you with a range of options.

Need some help? Call 0300 3309048 for an initial assessment

X-PERT Weight

Losing weight is no easy task. Using scientific evidence, X-PERT Weight’s 12-week programme explores how to effectively achieve and sustain weight loss through controlling the hormones that regulate appetite and fat storage.

Other factors that affect weight such as stress, sleep, gut bacteria and metabolism are also covered.

X-PERT Weight is offered as both structured group sessions or via a web app.

Want to know more? Email or call 01422 847871.

Thousands of local people have benefitted from these types of services delivered by your local voluntary sector organisations.

Make contact today if you need help to get your 2019 back on track.

Also, keep an eye out for our next column coming out in February!

We will be exploring the power of memory and some of the fantastic organisations supporting people who have dementia.