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The joy of sunflowers

The joy of sunflowers

Walking through Hebden Bridge this late summer’s afternoon, I am amazed at the vibrancy and sizes of the sunflowers, protruding from the wildflower beds which glisten along the edges of the park like glittering confections of multicoloured candy, writes horticulturalist, author and poet Simon Zonenblick.

Date: 8th October 2017.'Picture James Hardisty.'Possible Picture Post.....A Draconid meteors pasing over head in night's sky at Castle Hill, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, just visible through the cloud base last night (Sunday).

A circular route around scenic Castle Hill

The grey skies and ominous clouds that greeted me this past Sunday morning did not exactly fill me with much eager desire to go outside, and as the raindrops started to fall I decided that a short walk, donned head to toe in waterproof clothing, would suffice for the day’s activity, writes Caroline Spalding.

The London Bridge Hotel underneath The Shard

REVIEW: London Bridge Hotel

THE PROBLEM with having a city break in an elegant hotel is sometimes, well... you just don’t want to leave said hotel to explore the actual city.

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