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Taking a delightful trail from Triangle

Walking is not a hobby that appeals to everyone and perhaps you have found yourself trying to persuade a reluctant friend to give it a try, only to find excuses ranging from a lack of time to a lack of proper footwear, writes Caroline Spalding.

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Jessica gets down to unearthing the secrets of her explorer ancestor.

COLUMN: Digging up the secrets of our fascinating family tree

To look at her, you wouldn’t think my daughter had any of my genes.

Redundancy: its not the end of the world!

Column: Redundancy: it’s not the end of the world!

Last year I was made redundant for the third time in four years.
Linda Barker and her cottage for sale

Falling in love again: Why Shelf-born Linda Barker is selling dream cottage

Celebrity designer Linda Barker’s cottage on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds is for sale after her heart was stolen by a gorgeous Georgian

Table Mountain and colourful houses.

Travel: An enthralling African adventure that will live long in the memory

The first film I saw in cinemascope as a young boy was called Shaka.

Stone Raclette by Swan,, 43.99

Gadgets: 5 of the best kitchen gizmos

We look at 5 of the best kitchen gizmos

Andrew James Garden Tool Set with Folding Stool and Storage.

Gardening: 5 of the best garden tool sets

We look at 5 of the best garden tool sets

Wilberforce House in Hull was commended for its welcoming atmosphere

Visit England reveals Yorkshire's best attractions

Visit England has announced it is awarded 13 Yorkshire 'attractions accolades' in recognition of the best visitor experiences in the region.

LGBTQ+ books.

10 LGBTQ+ books to read this Valentines day.

Looking for a good romance novel this February, check out these recommendations?

The moorland heights of West Calderdale

The moorland heights of West Calderdale

This week’s walk appreciates the expanse of the moorlands and the views they offer, whilst being incredibly simple to follow and relatively easy-going; therefore perfect for both this time of year and those new to the joys of hiking.

Art Noveau Stairs in the Stadtpark.

Travel: Vienna - the cool capital suited for all ages, budgets and varied tastes

It is a burgeoning city with sights-a-plenty, slick public transport and a culture and music scene that’s surely among the world’s best.

Try zip wiring in the dark at Go Ape, Dalby Forest

Lifestyle: Zip-wiring in the dark at Dalby Forest

Zipping 700ft across a valley into the pitch black while 120ft up in the air – definitely one of the more exhilarating ways to spend a Thursday night!

The Woolroom

Get a better night's sleep with Woolroom

The average adult requires approximately eight hours sleep each night, however quality is just as important as quantity when it comes to getting the most out of our nightly slumber.

Snow at Ogden Water.

Is rambling on its last legs? Take a hike.

I recently conducted a survey amongst members of the Ramblers Association to gain a perspective on how walking is perceived as a hobby for the younger generations; mainly because membership of the organisation is in decline, whilst the remaining members are, inevitably, getting older.

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black 
Hot Key Books

Book Review- The Cruel Prince By Holly Black

Holly Black, the best selling author of The Spiderwick Chronicles has written a new novel filled with fairies and magic.
Long Ashes Park.

Travel: Enjoy living a life of luxury - just for the weekend - in Yorkshire Dales

The sun rose slowly over the North Yorkshire moors as we looked out of the windows of our luxury lodge.
The outdoor vitality pool

Travel review: An escape from reality at a snowy Staffordshire spa

There’s something really rather decadent about relaxing in an outdoor pool, warmed to a toasty 30 degrees, sipping a cocktail - and feeling droplets of snow fall on your face.

Hiking the hills above the Colne Valley

Hiking the hills above the Colne Valley

One benefit of following a guided walk is the advantage of not having to rely on your own navigational skills; particularly when snow camouflages the trodden pathways. This past weekend I opted to take a 12-mile hike from Slaithwaite, HD7, joining the Huddersfield Ramblers, known for their more challenging walks. This route I’d recommend for more clement weather, or perhaps even breaking it into two 6-mile walks.


The cost of calling 118 numbers varies hugely

How much does it cost to call directory enquiries? £5, £7, or more?

It’s technically too late to make a new year’s resolution, but if you carry one thing with you through 2018, make it this: never call directory enquiries.

Giant, slim TV sets with OLED screens like this one from LG will become commonplace

Will you be able to watch the World Cup in 4K, or even 8K?

The year is barely three weeks old but it’s not too early to predict that the technology trends of 2018 will be driven by the month-long event that will take place in Russia come the summer.

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