From the archives


nHomes for old people may be built on the site of the surgery where killer GP Harold Shipman once practised. The doctor murdered hundreds of elderly patients, including up to 12 when he worked at the Abraham Ormerod centre in Burnley Road, Todmorden. Now 49 flats for old people may be built on the site.

nFirefighters tackled a huge factory fire at Holt Brothers’ engineering works in Chatham Street, off Gibbet Street, Halifax. A chemical foam was used to quell the flames because of fears that using water would cause a huge explosion.


nWork to transform the Shay stadium, Halifax,into a community sports complex is set to start. Within three years there will be a running track round the pitch for Halifax Harriers, areas for field sports, an all-weather, floodlit sports court and a facelift for the main stand. A second phase will include an all-weather running track, a new Skircoat Road stand and maybe a plastic pitch.

nParishioners at St George’s Church,Lee Mount, have had their prayers answered; their faith has moved mountains – of debt. The church decided to hold a gift and prayer weekend in a desperate bid to wipe out £20,000 debt. But fund-raising events and donations brought in a staggering £17,458 – and the money is still rolling in.


nA 120ft high chimney at Clay Pitts Mill, Spring Hall Lane, Halifax, is being demolished brick by brick because of the amount of property surrounding the mill. Spinners Ackroyd and Co have decided to demolish the chimney after signs that it was becoming dangerous.

nTwo workers at Greenwood and Brearley, paper bag makers, of Francis Street, Halifax, had a dramatic escape when the floor of the room above them caved in without warning, sending tons of baled paper and machinery on to them. The two men were treated for minor injuries and shock.