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Five years ago

nSeven out of 10 people do not understand the colour-coded signs in Halifax town centre pointing to different “quarters” of the town. Only 32 of 100 people knew that TH stood for Town Hall Quarter, G for George’s Quarter, T for Theatre Quarter, M for Market Quarter and PH for Piece Hall Quarter.

nPlans to build a futuristic block of flats at the former Walkley’s Mill, Hebden Bridge, have been turned down because it would spoil the look of the area. Walkley’s was a major attraction in the 1980s but has been empty since 2003.

25 years ago

nPolice are investigating a bizarre woodland cult involvingyoung children.About 30 youngsters, said to be aged from four to nine, and about four adults, clad in white sheets, some wearing skeleton masks, danced round a fire under the new moon in a lonely Barkisland wood.

nThe banned book Spycatcher could soon be in Calderdale’s public libraries. The book by former MI5 agent Peter Wright is available in most parts of the world but is banned in Britain. Despite warnings of expensive consequences for ratepayers councillors voted to buy copies.

50 years ago

nThe Bishop of Wakefield has officially open-ed the new Holy Trinity Secondary Modern School in Holmfield, Halifax. He offered prayers and unveiled a plaque. The school replaces the buildings at Savile Hall, Halifax.

nHolidaymakers set off at the start of Halifax’s September Break. A steady stream of passengers passed through Halifax station, most heading for Blackpool but some making for London and the South Coast resorts. Coach bookings were said to be average for the break.