Story of Halifax Playhouse

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Members of Halifax Civic Trust and friends visited the Halifax Playhouse, to learn about the building’s history, and the story of the Halifax Thespians.

With the help of other Thespians, Jeanne O’Rourke, president, showed the group around the building and explained its current functions: backstage was visited and the dressing-rooms.

She also recounted the building’s history. Built as a Wesleyan New Connexion Chapel and opened in 1836, the structure survived as a place of worship until World War II, when dwindling funds and a declining congregation forced its closure. In 1945, it was bought by the Halifax Thespians. They converted the structure and continue to care for it.

John Hargreaves, HCT chairman, thanked Mrs O’Rourke and the Thespians for a fascinating evening.