From tulips to rhubarb - these 10 toxic flowers and plants could be fatal to your dog

From tulips to rhubarb - these 10 toxic flowers and plants could be fatal to your dog

While we're all looking forward to spending more time outdoors and venturing further afield for longer walks with our dogs this summer as restrictions continue to ease, pet owners might be unaware of the hidden hazards and harmful toxins that are hidden away in your back garden or local park.

By Leanne Clarke
Thursday, 13th May 2021, 11:02 am

According to findings made by Postman Pooch, tulips are one of the most dangerous flowers to have in your back garden or in your home as the potent plant can make your dog experience extreme sickness and heart problems.

Various plants and other potentially toxic things can appear very enticing for our pooches to get their paws on, such as fruit and mushrooms, which can contain hard stones, poisonous leaves and can cause kidney and liver failure.

Things like snail repellent and rat poison used in our gardens to prevent rodents and insects can be fatal to dogs as they are filled with hidden chemicals. Sharp garden tools can also be hazardous as they can fall and injure pets if left unsupervised. Wasps and bees are flying around more this season, so keep an eye on your dog as these stinging insects can cause throat closures and blocked airways.

However, even with medical advice available online, dog owners are unaware of the risks of leaving their dogs to roam free in local parks or their back garden as vets have seen a rise of dog owners bringing in pets who have accidents at home.

As a result, dog owners have had to pay a hefty vet bill as they were not aware of the toxic plants hidden away in their back garden.

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