RICS launches combined land qualification

RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) has launched its first combined land Associate qualification, enabling those from non-traditional educational backgrounds to develop their career with RICS.

The new pathway covers rural practice, minerals and waste management, planning and development, and environmental surveying. Upon completion of the qualification, candidates achieve the Associate status and then have the option of studying to become a full chartered surveyor.

RICS Associate qualifications provide fairer access to the profession and ensure candidates and members are adhering to RICS standards. The new combined pathway joins two existing specialist routes within the land sector, with land/engineering and hydrographic surveying having launched in October 2011. RICS first introduced the Associate qualification in 2009 with the aim of allowing those without traditional academic qualifications to enter the property profession, with candidates training while in employment.

This is the first time that RICS has developed a combined broad based route to AssocRICS that should allow many of those practicing within the land sectors the opportunity to gain membership of RICS. If you are currently working in one of the land sectors and have the relevant experience and expertise, you can start working towards your qualification now.

“RICS Associate members earn significantly more than their non-qualified counterparts and can enjoy greater, more flexible career options,” said Jennifer Welch of RICS North.