ROKT announce new climbing wall plans

The opening day of the new ROKT climbing gym at the former Sugden's Mill in Mill Royd Street, Brighouse
The opening day of the new ROKT climbing gym at the former Sugden's Mill in Mill Royd Street, Brighouse

It’s been a busy seven months for Calderdale’s new extreme-sports venture.

ROKT Climbing Gym, in the Old Flour Mill in Brighouse, already has in excess of 5,500 members.

The centre already boasts a massive 21-metre lead wall and three 16-metre top silos each with 18 routes, as well as a circuit room boulder field, a roofed cave chamber, new challenging slab room and a steep 4.5-metre competition bouldering wall.

But drectors Euan Noble and Leigh Topping have not finished there and have a four- phase plan to provide the biggest multi-activity extreme sport centre in the UK.

“Things have gone really well for us since we opened,” said Euan.

“We’ve got in excess of 5,500 members already and its not slowing, so we must be doing things right.

“We attract climbers from a 50-mile radius, but the local people in Brighouse have really taken to climbing at ROKT.

“Around 40 per cent of our members come from within five miles and many are new to the sport.

“We have all sorts of people coming in who want to give it a go or just see what it’s all about, which is exactly what we hoped for.

“For us it was all about engaging anybody and everybody, regardless of ability in an exciting sport.

ROKT is about to start phase two of the project which will see the development of a penthouse bouldering area, which will feature a giant cutting edge structure and will make ROKT the biggest bouldering facility in the UK.

“It’s a five-metre high freestanding network of boulders,” Euan said.

“Leigh, who is a highly experienced designer, created and designed the new technology and has done a great job.

“Not only has he created something incredible, Leigh will also be hands-on as he heads up the build team.

“We’re going to develop the product and, ideally have local schools install them in their playgrounds so children can start learning to climb from a young age.

“As well as that, there are also plans for a free-running academy with both indoor and outdoor free-running areas, a unique and extensive urban caving experience and dedicated areas for marital arts, yoga, sports massage, physiotherapy and zumba classes.

“There are also plans to work on the renovation of the exterior of the building and landscaping the grounds, hand in hand with Pennine Canoe Club.

“We’re involved in United Brighouse and the development of the local economy is very important to us,” Euan said.

“Our bonfire was a huge success and we are always hosting networking meetings.”

Work is set to begin on the second phase of building on December 1, with the new penthouse expected to be ready mid-February.