Search is underway to find the modern day bingo lingo

Eyes down: Graeme Ewart at Mecca Bingo, Halifax, wants to hear your bingo lingo
Eyes down: Graeme Ewart at Mecca Bingo, Halifax, wants to hear your bingo lingo

Bingo lovers in Halifax have been asked to come up with some trendy new calls – placing the traditional ones in jeopardy.

Mecca Bingo want to replace the outdated calls such as ‘legs, 11’, ‘two fat ladies, 88’ and ‘top of the shop, 90’ with modern bingo lingo.

Mecca have suggested calls like ‘David Beckham, 7’, ‘Jimmy Choos 32’ and ‘Vindaloo, 52’ as possible replacements, but want players to come up with something better.

Bingo lingo has disappeared from clubs in recent years but Mecca hope to revive the tradition with some quirky new calls.

Graeme Ewart, general manager of Mecca Bingo in Halifax, said at the launch of the scheme: “The game of bingo has changed over the years.

“There are now new ways of playing, such as online or electronic terminals in clubs. We thought it was about time the calls were updated.

“We want as many quirky, funny and cheeky suggestions as possible and hope to get the full set of 90 calls which will then be read out in the club at a special party night in October,” he said.

“We’ve had a few already, some of them a bit rude, but we want to try and get as many in as we can so we can decide what to go with.”

Other suggestions so far include a environmentally friendly suggestion, ‘plant a tree, 33’, one for bingo winners, ‘I’ve won plenty, 20’ as well as ‘postman’s late, number 8.’

But Halifax stage star Neil Hurst, pictured, who used to call bingo, said he would be sorry to see the traditional calls go.

“I like the old stuff to be honest,” he said.

“You’re not allowed to say some of the older ones, like two fat ladies, which is mad because it’s just a number and people get too sensitive.

“I’ll be sorry if the traditional calls disappear for good,” he said.

There will be prizes up for grabs for the most original calls as well as £1,000 of high street shopping vouchers for the overall winner, £700 for second place and £300 for third.

To submit your suggestions either visit the Mecca Bingo Facebook fan page tell staff at the club in Halifax.