Twitter and Me blog: My oh my doesn’t time fly!

Rachel McAlley and her daughter, Violet
Rachel McAlley and her daughter, Violet

When you’re growing up you hear ‘old people’ saying to one another that the time has flown by and it only seems like yesterday that they bumped into you (nearly 2 years ago) in the supermarket, and I realised that I’ve turned into one of those so called ‘old people’!

It’s been nine or ten months since I last blogged, where has the time gone? Honestly, it’s flown by, time really does disappear before our very eyes. It seems like only yesterday that I blogged.

So much has happened since I last put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, in my case). And, of course I used social media to let everyone know what was going on when it was happening.

I had a baby girl, our first little bambino, we named her Violet, and I’ve been trying to learn the basics of being a mum ever since. I struggles through the birth on FB announcing everything whilst it was happening! The first couple of months were like groundhog day:

Feed baby, baby sleeps, housework, baby wakes, change nappy, baby sleeps, laundry, baby wakes, feed baby, change nappy, I sleep, feed baby, baby sleeps, change nappy etc etc etc and the routine is continued each and every day.

I never knew and no one ever told me how truly exhausting having a baby actually is, or what is involved throughout the day. I have, however learned all about how important sterilising is, and that timing is everything, but most importantly I’ve developed a real understanding about how special sleep is, I appreciate every single second in bed!

Now she’s 7-months I’m back at work and enjoying every part of my day, I love being a mum and I love working too, I feel very lucky to being a new(ish) mum and to be able to work too. Times are hard, let’s be honest here, I’m no longer able to work full time, I can’t travel from one end of the country to the other like I used to do, and I don’t see my friends as often as I’d like, but I’m hopeful this will change with time.

I am however making the time to visit Halifax more often to see my mum, so that Violet gets some quality time with Grandma. She sees plenty of her other Grandma and Granddad as we literally live on their doorstep in North Yorks.

Enough baby talk, more about the thing that pays the bills! I’ve been easing myself back into work with one day here and two days there, I’m not sure I could have done it any other way?

One of the work projects I’m currently on with is the fabulous annual Leeds Loves Food Festival, this year taking place between 25-27 May on Millennium Square and throughout the city’s shopping centres, colleges and universities.

I’m going to be helping the city’s strategic marketing company, Marketing Leeds look after the foreign journalists that are due to visit Leeds for the festival, and I’m hoping (praying even) that I’ll be tasting/sampling/eating my way around the city!!!

I’m also lucky to be working with a Pudsey interior architects, WDL who have started to redesign the world famous Hamley’s Children’s Department Store on Regent Street in London. I couldn’t be more happy doing the PR for a project as exciting as this one with WDL.

Who’d have thought I’d be more excited about a children’s department store over a nightclub, not me that’s for sure, but that’s what happens when you have a baby!

Now, I know how much I used to visit the cinema, that’s blown out of the window with Violet on the scene, but I have been with t’other ‘alf to see a couple of movies since she arrived, most recently War Horse. I’m not particularly a fan of horses and I hate films about war, but it was the only one we could see at the time we arrived at the cinema, and I’m glad we did. What a wonderful, heartfelt, warming, beautiful film, well done Mr Spielberg. Go and see it before it ends, but take some tissues because you’ll cry like a baby!

Laters Tweep fans.