£32,000 fine for asbestos danger

A property management company has been told to pay over £30,000 after admitting exposing workers to asbestos.

MA Estates Ltd were ordered to pay 32,590 including costs by Calderdale Magistrates.

The case dates back to June 2007, when a complaint was lodged with the Health and Safety Executive that the company on Holdsworth Road in Holmfield, Halifax, were illegally removing asbestos from a building roof.

The work was being carried out by director Michael Tyzack and five employees during weekends.

Tyzack, representing the company in court, admitted eight counts of breeching the company's duty to employees.

He told Magistrates he had no idea the substance they had been dealing with was a form of the white asbestos, Chrysotile.

"We provided the workers with protective safety equipment but had no idea it was asbestos", he said.

The mill was shut down for a month while MA Estates paid for a licensed company came to remove the asbestos at a cost of 175,000.