1st Battalion Yorkshire Regiment in Freedom Parade

Calderdale soldiers were among 250 from the Yorkshire Regiment who this week took part in a Freedom Parade through Warminster, Wiltshire.

Hundreds of people lined the streets to see the 1st Battalion march through the town centre.

The freedom of the town was conferred on the 3rd Battalion last year but the regiment’s three battalions were later merged and renamed as part of the Army cuts.

Under the restructuring the 3rd battalion (Dukes) was renumbered the 1st, the 1st became the 2nd and the 2nd battalion disappeared.

The town council has now awarded the renumbered battalion freedom of the town and a parade was held to mark the occasion. Warminster is the only Freedom Town that the Yorkshire Regiment has which is not based in Yorkshire.

The 1st Battalion based in Warminster is equipped with the Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicle and are experts in mounted close combat.

The 2nd Battalion based in Cyprus is at high readiness to move rapidly anywhere in the region. It is a light role battalion and its soldiers are trained to the highest levels to fight on their feet and move by helicopter.

The 4th Battalion based in Yorkshire and Cleveland is an Army Reserve unit.