20 million Easter eggs - all made right here

Paul Gallacher on the easter egg production line at the Nestle factory, Halifax
Paul Gallacher on the easter egg production line at the Nestle factory, Halifax
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THE last of over 20.4 million Easter eggs rolled off a Halifax production line at the weekend.

A final Kit Kat batch of 50,000 completed this year’s massive run at Nestle.

Production started in August on seven types of egg - Kit Kat, Rolo, Smarties, Aero, Yorkie and the smaller Smartie and Milky Bar versions.

Will Fenney, in charge of egg production, said it had been a successful operation which had run to plan.

“We have done it in record time,” he said.

“It is always satisfying at the end of season.

“We have done our bit as a team and it has been the best egg season, production wise.”

Workers’ celebrated with a photo marking the end of the run and some will now transfer to work on Quality Street.

Nestle sources the milk from the west coast of Scotland and preliminary work is done at its York operation with all milk and plain chocolate transferred to Halifax by tankers.

Around 130 eggs were produced every minute seven days a week across five shifts.

The early finish gives capacity for Nestle to put the production plant on hold and, if necessary, take up any shortfall orders from retailers ahead of Easter Sunday on April 24.

A full maintenance inspection and repairs will then be carried out.

Nestle employs 550 at its Albion Mills site with 420 operators on shift work.

Temporary staff boost the workforce to up to 800 during the peak months of August to November.

Four factories are involved with E Factory producing Quality Street; J factory Quality Street and Easter Eggs; K factory Walnut Whips and H factory used for packaging.

After Eight production is moving from Castleford to J factory from the end of the year bringing investment and another 60 jobs and a new Aero biscuit being produced in K factory will soon hit the shops.

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