300 homes to save cash with water saving timer

Trial: The Fit2Save project.
Trial: The Fit2Save project.

A new efficiency initiative by Yorkshire Water aims to save more than 300 homes in Halifax up to 18,000 litres of water each per year by fitting free water saving devices in each home.

The Fit2Save project is part of efforts by the firm to manage water demand in the region and reduce the average amount of water customers consume.

By cutting down water consumption, the 317 homes involved in the trial could reduce their annual water bill by an estimated average of £24, if on a meter.

Suzanne Dunn, Asset Strategy Manager at Yorkshire Water, said: “Water is a finite resource that should not be taken for granted, which many people are starting to slowly realise.

“Due to climate change and growing populations the risk of water shortages in the coming decades is very real unless as a society we start to use water more efficiently in our homes.

“Our Fit2Save trial in Halifax will save approximately five million litres of clean drinking water per year, every year.”