40pc of domestic violence attacks ended in a charge

NEARLY 40 per cent of domestic violence crimes in Calderdale have resulted in charges being brought.

In 2010/11 1,051 crimes were recorded for domestic violence and 420 charges brought, figures obtained under Freedom of Information laws have shown.

The year before there were 1,273 recorded crimes and 455 charges brought.

That means this year 39.9 per cent of domestic violence crimes were later charged. The year before it was 35.7 per cent, and three years ago 34.5 per cent.

Other ways of dealing with domestic violence include penalty notices and cautions, which are not included in the figures.

Police say in total the detection rate, which stood at 54.7 per cent, is now 55.2 per cent.

Det Chf Insp Terry Long, for Calderdale Police, said: “Under Home Office guidelines many incidents are recorded which have a domestic connection. A disagreement between parents and older teenage children that gets out of hand and the police are called is classified as domestic violence.

“While there are different scales of domestic violence, we treat all seriously and always provide an appropriate, positive and timely response.

“The investigations can often be difficult to follow through because the victim can often be unwilling to co-operate.

“Many victims just want the immediate problem to stop and once it has they do not wish the police to progress charges.

“More people are being taken to court to be bound over if the victim is reluctant to take matters further.”

Officers in Calderdale are called to between eight and 10 domestic incidents a day. The number of reported incidents has fallen in recent years.