£60 fines ‘should be £600’

A ROAD-SAFETY campaigner has called for tougher punishment to tackle accidents involving young drivers.

Carole Whittingham, of Rastrick, founder of SCARD – Support and Care After Road Death and Injury – spoke out following a worrying survey of 16-to 21-year-olds.

Two out of five thought it OK to break the 30mph limit by 10 mph or more and 24 per cent saw nothing wrong in drinking one and a half pints of beer before getting behind the wheel. Yorkshire road charity Brake have launched a campaign to put more restrictions on young drivers.

Mrs Whittingham, whose son, Steven, 27, was killed by a speeding stolen car in 1992, said: “We need more traffic police to take enforcement action. You can’t expect the public to police themselves because it won’t happen. Forget £60 fines for 10mph speeding and look at £600. 10 mph can be the difference between life and death.”