A few facts about astrocytomas

Olivia Burns and friends setting off to Newquay for a girly holiday.
Olivia Burns and friends setting off to Newquay for a girly holiday.

A kind-hearted group of teenagers showed the strength of true friendship as they ditched plans for a holiday abroad and opted for a staycation when their friend was unable to fly.

For Olivia Burns and her friends, plans to jet off to the Greek resort of Malia were firmly on the horizon, but when Olivia, of Hipperholme, received the news that she was unable to fly following surgery for an astrocytoma of the brain, joining her friends for a break abroad was no longer an option.

But when Olivia’s friends found out she wouldn’t be able to travel abroad, they selflessly shelved plans for a holiday in Malia, instead choosing a break in the surfer’s paradise of Newquay, Cornwall.

Olivia, 18 said: “I still wanted them to go to Malia, but my friends said that they didn’t want to go without me as they’d be worrying.

“My friends Cassie and Liz suggested going to somewhere in England instead and asked the rest of the group if they were happy to go to Newquay.

“I was really happy when I found out and I’m really excited to go now.”

The 14-strong group from Hipperholme and Lightcliffe School set off for their break to Newquay on Saturday and plan to enjoy all the town has to offer.

Olivia was diagnosed with an astrocytoma of the brain two years ago, but despite surgery to remove the tumor, received the news that it had returned and progressed to grade three.

Following further surgery in November 2013, Olivia began a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but is currently in remission and will return to school in September to complete her A-Levels.