A Friday the 13th that was one to forget!

Aaron Perry with daughters Evangeline, one, and Olivia, three.
Aaron Perry with daughters Evangeline, one, and Olivia, three.

They say bad luck comes in threes and Friday the 13th was a day to forget for Aaron Perry.

He awoke to find his house burgled, his insurance company refused to pay out, and he was laid-off work.

It all led to a pretty miserable Christmas for Aaron, his partner Emily Fawcett, 22, and children Olivia, three, and Evangiline, 18 months.

A TV, Blu-ray disc, films, money, and items including a gold sovereign of sentimental value were taken from the house at Claremount.

The family were asleep upstairs when the burglars broke in through the back door between 1 am and 5 am.

“I went downstairs and it was disbelief,” said Aaron, who worked as an electrical engineer in Shipley.

The family had been paying monthly insurance premiums to More Than Insurance.

But when the insurance company was contacted it said the policy had been cancelled and refused to pay out.

The couple missed a payment in November and the company wrote to the couple at their former address - despite being told the couple had moved in March from Queensbury and the new address being on their bank records.

If the letter had been sent to their current address the couple say they would have sorted out the problem and they are hoping their insurer will have a rethink.

“It’s not what we needed at this time of year,” said Aaron - whose house number is ironically 13.

He was grateful to friends at Belgrave Club, Claremount, who had a collection and raised £177 for the family.

Emily said it was upsetting to know they were asleep at the time of the burglary.

“They were walking past the bottom of the stairs with the kids’ asleep in their bedroom at the top,” she said.

The couple have now fitted extra security measures.

A spokeswoman for the insurance company told the Courier. “When your home is burgled it can be very distressing and we’re sorry that this happened to Mr Perry and his family. We have been in touch to discuss the situation in more detail and we’ll be investigating this further.”