A high flyer for Overgate

John Bullock mid-flight in a charity skydive for Overgate
John Bullock mid-flight in a charity skydive for Overgate

A trio of Overgate staff due to take part in a charity skydive were left disappointed last Saturday when clouds dashed their hopes of taking part.

Laura Whitham, Trina Gledhill and Tracey Broadbent will now need to wait until next March to brave the UK’s highest skydive, but one of their fellow jumpers did not want to wait and managed to secure a last-minute place the following day.

John Bullock, 51, from Mixenden, reached dizzying heights when he ascended 15,000 feet to jump in memory of his sister Carol, who died at the hospice last September.

John said: “The staff at Overgate provided fantastic care for my sister Carol so I am always more than happy to do my bit to support them.

“The skydive itself was a fantastic experience that I would recommend to anyone, that I was able to do it this month meant that my family and I were able to commemorate Carol’s passing in this special way.”

He raised a fantastic £1,042 by completing the jump, which will help to support the hospice, which needs to raise £6,900 to stay open.

The Overgate trio and their team of fellow fundraisers now have until March 7 2015 to steel themselves for steel themselves for the jump, but with John as their inspiration they cannot wait to make their sponsors proud.

If anyone would like to join the team in March, contact 01422 387143 or email laura.whitham@overgatehospice.nhs.uk, alternatively if anyone would like to add to John’s sponsorship they can do so by calling 01422 387121 and specifying that their donation is for John Bullock’s skydive.