A new lease of life for Holly-Ann

Holly-Ann Wormald
Holly-Ann Wormald

A mum has credited a specialist weight-loss camp with giving her daughter a “new lease of life”.

In June, Liz Thomson, 34, told the Courier the Leeds-based MoreLife camp would be life changing for her daughter, Holly-Ann, 10, who she says has an over-eating disorder.

Liz Thomson with her ten-year-old daughter Holly-Ann. Raising money so Holly-Ann can go to camp to lose wieght.

Liz Thomson with her ten-year-old daughter Holly-Ann. Raising money so Holly-Ann can go to camp to lose wieght.

At a cost of £4,250, she could not meet the cost and called on the NHS and the government to provide more support to tackle childhood obesity.

But obesity charity HOOP stepped in to meet the cost and Holly-Ann has returned from a summer spent at the five-week residential camp.

“When I went to pick her up, I didn’t recognise her. She’s always been bubbly, but now her face looks healthy and she’s glowing,” Liz, who lives in Ovenden, said.

“It was lovely, she was full of confidence and I noticed straight away she was educating me. I picked something up to eat and she told me that it was really high in fat and that we should make better choices.

“How she was educated at camp was brilliant. All she needed was a bit of counselling, some time, guidance and empowerment and that’s what MoreLife have done. They have given her a new lease of life.”

Whilst at camp, Holly-Ann’s days were packed with activities and guidance on healthy eating and the results are easy to see. Holly-Ann entered the camp weighing 49.8kg and the scales now read 44kg.

But Liz says the change in her daughter runs much deeper than numbers on a weighing scale.

She said: “They have taught her to be mindful with food and for me that’s the biggest thing, it wasn’t about her losing weight it was her relationship with her food. The camp has empowered her to make the right choice and now Holly-Ann has the toolkit.

“Her fitness has increased, her body fat has gone down, her BMI keeps reducing.

“If I was a lazy parent and if MoreLife didn’t work, why is she now 44kg?

“I know that I have done the best for my daughter. She can hold her head high and see that her mum has fought for something she believes in and I will still keep fighting.

“It is now my mission is to go to the government and say more needs to be done.”