A rare flock of exotic birds flies in

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A FLOCK of exotic visitors were spotted making a flying visit to Sowerby Bridge.

Residents of Hollins Bank were surprised to see these colourful waxwings feasting on red berries on a tree at the end of the street.

The crested beauties were spotted by Irene Murphy, who called on neighbours Stan and Barbara Freer, who are keen ornothologists, to identify them.

Waxwings are natives of the northernmost parts of Europe and Asia, where they inhabit forests and nest in June and July.

Young birds leave the nest at 16 to 18 days to form large flocks and set off for central Europe in October, where they remain until March.

Flocks that arrive in the UK are likely to have come from Scandinavia or Arctic Russia. The east coasts of Scotland and England see the highest numbers of birds. Waxwings have been spotted on Norland Moor and Elland but the latest sighting is believed to be a first for Hollins Bank. Photographer Mark Murphy, Irene’s son, was on hand to capture the moment.