A slithery surprise: snake on the lawn

Kevin Ryan, Radcliffe Lane, Midgely with lost snake.
Kevin Ryan, Radcliffe Lane, Midgely with lost snake.

A SLITHERY surprise greeted a Halifax woman when she found a 3ft snake on her lawn.

This California King snake was discovered by Tessa Taylor outside her home in Foundry Street North, Ovenden, yesterday.

Her husband John called amateur herpetologist Kevin Ryan who is now looking after the non-venomous reptile until he finds its owner.

Mr Ryan, 50, of Midgley, said the snake may have woken up from hibernation due to the unseasonably warm weather earlier this month.

It was lucky to have survived outdoors in the cold of the last few days, he added.

“If he wasn’t found, he wouldn’t have survived out there,” he said.

“I think what’s happened is the sun has come out and he’s sensed that from where ever he’s been curled up and tried to go into the sun to bask. Unfortunately the sun has disappeared.

“It was extremely cold and he was just curled up barely moving. I’m just trying to get its temperature back up now - its thermoregulator can’t do anything without an external heat source.”

Mr Ryan now hopes to reunite the snake, which he believes to be an escapee, with its owner.

“They are notorious for getting out - they would put Houdini to shame,” he said.

“If it is an escapee I’m sure the owner will be relieved to get it back. I’m hoping they will come forward and I’ll take it back to them.”

If you believe the snake is yours email newsdesk@halifaxcourier.co.uk with your details and the Courier will pass them on.