Abandoned Leeds bunnies seek new owners

Pickle and Pepper were found outside a veterinary surgery in Leeds on Bonfire Night
Pickle and Pepper were found outside a veterinary surgery in Leeds on Bonfire Night

A Yorkshire animal charity is bidding to re-home four rabbits found abandoned in Leeds.

The bunnies have now spent 100 days waiting for adoption at the Blue Cross's centre in Thirsk, where 10 rabbits are currently being cared for by volunteers.

The forlorn quartet have had little interest from visitors since being rescued from the street outside a veterinary surgery last Bonfire Night.

One-year-old sisters Floss and Flo initially found happiness when they were taken in by a new owner, but she had to return them to Blue Cross when she discovered she was allergic to the pets.

They are affectionate rabbits, but would prefer not to be picked up, and enjoy playing together and exploring outside.

Brother and sister Pickle and Pepper are also a year old and have very different personalities. Pickle is shy but affectionate, while Pepper is more confident and inquisitive. Both enjoy treats such as bananas, apple branches and dandelion leaves alongside their regular diet of fresh hay.

Animal welfare assistant Amy Porter said:

“It is very said that we haven’t had any inquiries about these pairs of rabbits. We don’t know what is putting people off. Rabbits are social animals who need to live with other rabbits so at least they have each other, but we are desperate to try and find them a home.”

There are also four baby males at the centre called Carrot, Cracker, Sprout and Parsnip, who are five months old and do not have to be re-homed together.

While Blue Cross rabbits are cared for by volunteers in their homes all the usual vet checks, neutering procedures, microchipping and behaviour assessments take place.

To find out more about re-homing a rabbit, or other pet, from Blue Cross in Thirsk or to make a donation towards their care visit www.bluecross.org.uk, contact the centre on 0300 777 1540 or email thirsk@bluecross.org.uk.