After 69,000 signatures registrar puts her pen away

Denise Wheeldon is retiring today after 31 years
Denise Wheeldon is retiring today after 31 years
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OUR family registrar is putting her pen away for good today, having marked her name on more than 69,000 birth, death and marriage certificates.

Denise Wheeldon, 64, started work as Additional Registrar of marriages before becoming Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths and Deputy Superintendent in 1985.

Looking back from her desk in Spring Hall, Halifax, Denise has totted up that she has registered around 40,000 births 25,000 deaths and 4,000 marriages.

“It’s a very emotional job. You go from high to low to high again in minutes, constantly changing your hat.

“If I had charged 10p for every certificate I had signed I would have retired ages ago as a millionaire,” laughed Denise.

“The best bit of my job is registering births. I have conducted marriages and then months later registered the couple’s children.

“They often recognise me or will notice my name.

“I had a couple getting married and joked with them for me to register their children they’d have to hurry up because I knew I was going. Sure enough, 18 months later they came back.”

Superintendent Registrar John Jackson said: “Denise has been at the register office so long that her smiling face is familiar to just about every other person who comes through the door.

“To some she has been the family registrar for many years. Her retirement is well deserved and her colleagues wish her well.”

Denise said her 31 years of working life had flown by but now she is ready to put her pen away for good and enjoy her retirement with husband Roger.

They plan on visiting their two children, Stuart and Kirsty, who live in Jersey.

She is the third registrar to retire in just over a year.

Colleagues Dorothy Clarkson and Jenny Featherstone have both started their retirements.

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