Afternoon tea with Jenny and Xander

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A woman from Halifax is raising funds to help other people benefit from having a hearing dog like she has.

Jenny Jones, from Westgate Wine and Cheese, and her hearing dog Xander are hosting an afternoon tea on May 15 between 12pm and 5pm.

Jenny sadly lost her hearing when she was just nine.

From 13 she wore hearing aids but as her hearing continued to deteriorate she found it increasing difficult and isolating especially during her teenage and student years.

She found it very hard to follow conversations and had difficulties being home alone as she couldn’t hear the doorbell or telephone.

As there are no visible signs of her hearing loss people often have no idea she is deaf and there have been numerous occasions when she has been accused of being rude when she hasn’t heard people.

Jenny said: “It was hard living in a hearing world with so little hearing.

“Now that I have Xander I am happier and I am so much more confident and independent. I don’t have to sit looking out of windows anymore to see if someone is coming or wake up the whole neighbourhood with my alarm clock in a morning.

“I now accept my deafness as I have a gorgeous dog to help me.”

The afternoon tea includes sandwiches, scones, cakes and tea or coffee and there will also be chance to meet hearing dog Xander.

It is £15 per person with £5 going directly to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People provide dogs like Xander trained to alert deaf people to important sounds like the telephone, alarm clock and smoke alarm, as well as providing confidence and companionship, which can relieve the stress and isolation deafness can bring.