Aid for deaf charity from star Merrill

Music and the Deaf held their Christmas extravaganza last weekend.
Music and the Deaf held their Christmas extravaganza last weekend.

Musical stars and talented performers gathered to “enrich lives through music” at the Christmas extravaganza for Halifax-based charity Music and the Deaf.

Around 80 people attended the popular event, which saw Merrill Osmond perform in front of a grinning audience - some who travelled from as far as Wales to see the Osmond brother take to the stage.

The Yorkshire Deaf Music Club - a deaf orchestra that express themselves through music - carried on the party with their performance.

Stephen Heselton, the leader of the music club, said: “Everyone that gets involved feels great for doing it. They can feel the music and it is fun.”

James Holt, a deaf musician who recently graduated from the University of Salford with a 1st degree, warmed the hearts of many as he performed a set on the day.

Merrill Osmond, a patron for the charity, and son Justin Osmond, said the cause was close to their hearts.

“It was because of two older deaf brothers that The Osmonds even got started.

“We worked to try and build up the money to buy hearing aids, so, as the story goes, The Osmonds started singing,” said Merrill.

“I believe sincerely in the no accident theory - there is a reason why we are all assembled together. Someone here might have an idea that may spring up another idea that will cause this organisation to grow even bigger.

“I just wanted to thank youfor your support and ongoing support for this wonderful organisation.

“Every year we do a gala and we try to contribute pounds, music lessons and different therapies for organisations like this.”

The Christmas event was held at the 1855 building, Halifax - the home of the internationally recognised charity since in October.