Alder body mix-up exhumation completed

Christopher Alder
Christopher Alder

The exhumation to determine the identity of the body lying in a grave at Hull’s Northern Cemetery has been completed.

Janet Alder, of Halifax, believed it did contain the remains of her brother, Christopher Alder.

But, his body was discovered at Hull Mortuary late last year - 11 years after his family believed he had been buried.

Tests have been carried out at the Medico Legal Centre, Sheffield, on the remains removed from Hull’s Northern Cemetery.

The results of the DNA tests are expected to be announced shortly. It is believed Grace Kamara, 77, was buried instead of Mr Alder.

The top soil of the grave containing the ashes of his niece Laura was first removed, overseen by her father Richard, and is being placed on Mr Alder’s new grave following his burial earlier this month.

A police investigation is continuing into the mix-up.

Miss Alder, 50, expressed disappointment at not being kept informed of developments. As executor of her brother’s body when he died she expected to be notified of the exhumation alongside his now, adult children.

“It is my plot and I have been sidestepped because I would have been asking questions,” she said.