Alexandra, 7, bakes 80 cakes for charity

Alexandra Ainley, who baked cakes to raise money for Save the Children.
Alexandra Ainley, who baked cakes to raise money for Save the Children.

A SEVEN-year-old girl baked over 80 cakes to raise money after she was shocked by what she saw on television.

Alexandra Ainley, of Siddal Road in Siddal, became upset while watching ITV1’s Born to Shine, in which child prodigies teach celebrities their skills and which raises money for the Save the Children campaign, No Child Born to Die.

So distressed was she that she told her mum, Jane, that she wanted to do something to help them.

“She started to cry and said she wanted to raise money for them,” said Jane.

So Alexandra, who yesterday began the new school year at Old Earth Primary School in Elland, came up with the idea of baking buns to sell to friends, family and the public.

Wth the help of her mum, Alexandra baked over 80 chocolate rice krispie cakes and iced buns, as well as two apple crumbles.

“We were up baking until about 8.30pm on the Saturday night before we sent her off to bed,” said Jane. “She was shattered by the time we were finished.”

The following morning they got up and went to North Bridge car boot sale in Halifax where the cakes sold out quickly.

“She was selling them for 30p per cake or four for a pound, and she had sold them all within about an hour,” said Jane.

Jane added that Alexandra has always wanted to help people.

“I am so proud of her for wanting to do this and coming up with the idea.

“She also does the shoe box appeal at Christmas and she donates all her old toys and books to Calderdale Royal Hospital every year.

“She’s always wanted to help people and gets on very well with young and old.

“She’s always watching documentaries and gets upset when she sees people who are in difficulty.

“She’s the same with animals. We went to the canine show and came away having adopted two rats and we’ve also got a rabbit and a cat.

“She’s just that kind of person and when she grows up she wants to be a teacher or a midwife.

“I am one proud mummy,” she added.