All smoke and no fire at training exercise

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Brooklands Industrial Estate became the site of a chemical incident on Sunday morning.

Thankfully it was just part of a training exercise by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service to prepare them for dealing with such an incident in an authentic industrial setting,

Rhodia Halifax, soon to be rebranded as Solvay, hosted the simulation with the company’s own on-site emergency response team working with firefighters on how to tackle different chemical scenarios.

John Hamnett, Halifax site director, said: “Although incidents of this nature are very rare, it is vital for the emergency services that they are able to practice their response skills in a realistic setting, and we are happy to provide our premises for that important community use.”

A spokesperson from the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “We are very grateful to Solvay for working with us on this exercise and allowing us to use the premises.

“This exercise will put our policies, procedures and skills to the test, ensuring that expert plans are in place should such an incident occur in the future.”