Amelia’s balloon found... in Wales

A four-year-old girl who tied a message to a helium balloon and let it go has had a reply – from 170 miles away.

Two weeks after Amelia King of Broad Carr, Holywell Green set her balloon off she heard back from a man who had found her message in a hedge in Wales.

Mum and dad Gillian and John helped Amelia fasten a note to the balloon asking the finder to say hello.

Then she received an e-mail from David Hill, of Llanrhystud, a town on the west coast of Wales, to say he had found Amelia’s balloon in a hedge.

“When we told her someone had e-mailed she as really excited and ran to the computer to see, even though she can’t read yet,” she said.

“We expected the balloon to go half a mile and burst. For someone to find it 170 miles away is quite remarkable.”

Mr Hill, who found the balloon, said: “We’re very close to the coast here and it was lucky it landed when it did - another mile and it would have been in the sea.”