An exciting few weeks on Twitter

Rachel McAlley
Rachel McAlley

What a fab few weeks Twitter has seen with the Royal Wedding, President Barack Obama’s UK visit, and the super-injunction stories that were leaked on the social networking site. I wonder now how many new people joined Twitter on any of those days?

I’m still a massive Twitter user, I tweet on average six times per day, sometimes it’s total work-related stuff and others I just want to vent. I see that quite a lot of people do the same - it’s not all work work work then.

One thing I have been told recently, by a follower on Twitter is that when you reach 500 followers or more it means that you’re influential in your field, so I was extremely chuffed to see that I’m nearing the 600 mark. Don’t exactly know what I’m influential in, but hey ho at least someone’s interested!

I’ve had such a strange few weeks both on and off Twitter, I was lucky to be sent tickets to Lightwater Valley in Ripon where I visited recently and had a great day. The new Skeleton Cove was so much fun, especially as I had my seven-year-old goddaughter with me. She wanted to go on everything, even the rides that she wasn’t tall enough for; next year maybe she’ll be big enough for the scary ones.

It seems that I’ve been to Ripon a lot recently (having never visited before in my whole life, I’ve been twice in a matter of weeks), myself and the handsome one went to Ripon Races and had a great day. It was windy as hell but the sun was shining and it didn’t rain, and we won £95 so a brilliant day all-in-all! I must start going to the races more often, it’s a proper fun day out. I wonder how many people have never been in the UK?

I was sent a press release recently about the fabulous Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge, which I must say is filled with little treasures. It’s such a long time (nearly a year) since I went to Hebden Bridge shopping, I’ve popped by for a cuppa at Moyles but it was a flying visit, I think I should make an effort to go shopping at both the Heart Gallery and my lovely friends shop The Yorkshire Soap Company. Anyhow, I digress, The Heart Gallery is about to enter it’s 5th Birthday year this coming September, so I will be making the time to visit and see Alison’s exhibitions. If you get chance to support local then go along in September, I’m sure she’d be thrilled to see a few new faces at the gallery.

And, on a slightly more girlie front there’s a brand new cosmetics counter about to launch at Harveys of Halifax in the very near future. San Francisco company Benefit Cosmetics will be opening in June and will showcase some of the most amazing makeup, cosmetics and body care products available in the market place today. It’s exciting times for the store, as Harveys is in its 60th Anniversary year and there’s so much going on.

The store will even be joining forces with Elland’s Overgate Hospice to put a float together for the Halifax Gala, so something else to look forward to this summer.

The past few weeks have taken it’s toll on me and my body. This pregnancy thingy is tiring. I’d love to still be working at my normal pace but sadly I just can’t, so I’ve had to knock loads of fabulous parties and evening receptions on the head (at least until the baby is born). This is the first time in 18 years that I’m having to say ‘no’ to events. It’s hurting let me tell you. But, the bambino must come first, and she’s definitely letting me know that she comes first, especially when I’m being kicked from all sides!!!

OMG I’ve just realised that I haven’t been to the cinema in months, what is wrong with me? I need to see the follow-up to Hangover, one of the funniest films of the past few years. Should I go to the Huddersfield Odeon or the Harrogate Odeon, choices choices?

It’s time for me to stop ranting and leave you alone. Enjoy life to the max and I’ll see you very soon Tweeps.

Tra for now, LadyRach xoxo

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