An hour to park on road: ‘Shoppers may snub us’

Watching: a warden checks a parked car
Watching: a warden checks a parked car

PARKING on Halifax town-centre streets is expected to cost up to £1 an hour from April.

Council leaders have agreed that all on and off-street charges should rise by at least 10p an hour.

But on-street parking in Halifax and Hebden Bridge will go up by 20p.

That means £1 to park in Halifax town centre and 50p to park further out.

The move has been criticised by Tony Murray, general manager of Harveys department store in Halifax, who said it was a detrimental step when business were already facing tough times.

The Rawson Street store has around 30 nearby on-street parking spaces which are not always full.

“Putting the price up is not going to encourage people to use them more,” he said.

“They might not come into town at all.”

Jennifer Pell, owner of booksellers Fred Wade, also in Rawson Street, said customers grumbled about parking and the rise would make matters


“I’m aware the council needs more money but they seem to take it out on the poor shopper,” she said.

“Traders try and give a good service to the people of Halifax and this doesn’t help.”

The last increase in Halifax central on-street charges was in August 2004.

A 30p charges on outer streets was introduced in July 2006.

In Hebden Bridge the cost of on street parking will double from 20p an hour to 40p but it will remain free for the first hour.

The charge was originally introduced in September 2005 and has remained the same until now.

Calderdale Council’s economy and environment spokesman Barry Collins (Lab, Illingworth and Mixenden) said that if charges had risen in line with inflation, motorists would be paying even more.